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146 Twenty truths in the Book of Mormon - p3

October 02, 2021 Michael Barrett, Corey Stark Season 3 Episode 146
Restored Gospel Podcast
146 Twenty truths in the Book of Mormon - p3
Show Notes

Today we talk about WHY it is important to see God as He is , and,  how to have HOPE while at the same time honestly looking at where the restoration has changed the doctrine of Christ and strayed from the simple gospel.  

The Mormons can't teach these truths because of the way they have strayed from the Book of Mormon substituting modern day revelation and teaching to supplant the plain gospel.  The "Restoration has not taught these truths due to fear of "separation" or "contention" or because they have created God in their image as opposed to knowing Him as He is.  They quickly left the new covenant even the Book of Mormon and the plain and precious gospel contained therein and were admonished that they would remain under this condemnation until they returned to the message contained in the Book of Mormon.  We explore some of these plain and precious truths and why the Mormons can't teach them and perhaps why the "Restoration" has not.    We have a beautiful gospel to teach us how to come to Christ.   Let us explore these truths.

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