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120 Eternal life - D&C 85 what is it NOT saying?

May 08, 2021 Michael Barrett, Corey Stark Season 3 Episode 120
Restored Gospel Podcast
120 Eternal life - D&C 85 what is it NOT saying?
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We have received questions on section 85 in the RLDS Doctrine and Covenants.  How does it fit in with the plan of eternal life and salvation?  Is it saying we will be saved but yet separated from God in a moon or star glory?   What are glories?   Has our traditions and use of the word given different meaning to it over time?   We go through this section line by line as we discuss God's plan to save all men that will come to Him and how His plan has not changed over time. Scripture must agree with previous scripture and if a new gospel is preached then the burden of proof lies with those who believe this new gospel to show it is not new, but has indeed been preached through time.   We believe the plan of salvation has recently been taught wrong, as a tradition of men, and disagrees with what the word actually states. 

This is not something to be ignored.  It is the great fullness of the gospel and the good news to all men.  We must share the great work of Christ and His atonement as it is meant to be shared.  That it may give a perfect brightness of hope to the world. 

We pray the Holy Spirit bears record of all truth to those who seek and not the ideas of men.   

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