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186 Joseph Smith -"Choice Seer?" Honest questions p3

July 16, 2022 Michael Barrett, Shane Robinson Season 4 Episode 186
Restored Gospel Podcast
186 Joseph Smith -"Choice Seer?" Honest questions p3
Show Notes

Part 3 of our series where we ask honest questions about the restoration history.  Last episode we agreed that based on scripture, Joseph Smith  did indeed fit the role of seer.  This week we discuss if he is the "choice seer" as spoken about in 2 Nephi. 

Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon  from plates that were revealed to him by an angel.  Shortly after completing the translation he organized a church.  Revelations from God were given through him and recorded and published in various forms and versions.  He wrote The Book of Abraham, built Temples, brought forth the modern concept of Zion, a holy city, to be established in Independence, MO, produced a new version of the King James Version of the Bible with additions and corrections, as inspired by God, among other things.   It is a  colorful history tied to polygamy, murder, division, prophecy, and a restored authoritative priesthood.   We will look at some things that are not talked about openly, question honestly, and discuss what happened in the last 200 years with this young movement.   

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